May 30, 2016

Work! Work! Work!

This blog and its readers have been with me through many life changes. No less than 6 anniversaries with my boyfriend have been celebrated on The Ginger Diaries and our seventh is in just a few days. I've written about when we moved into our first apartment last July and recently shared an update on how things looked after nine months. My academic career has been well documented with posts about graduating high school, my first day in college, starting and ending my internships, graduating college, moving to a student flat in Antwerp, my first day at uni and eventually graduating uni in January of this year. And now here we are again. Another milestone to celebrate on my blog: I started my first job!

May 19, 2016

Simple homemade iced latte recipe

Iced coffees were my main source of cash outflow during my summer semesters at uni. No, I don't even think that's a serious exaggeration (wow, I spelled that word right from the first try!), just ask my friends! Now that I have graduated and moved back to the country side, the closest decent iced latte I can find is a half hour drive away. Add to that the fact that a parking ticket in the city is more expensive than the coffee itself and you know it's a problem. A serious one in my case.

We got to enjoy a few beautiful sunny days last week and as my cravings for a cold brew grew stronger, I decided to try and see if I could make some at home. Below you'll find a list of things that I personally pour into my blender to fill up a single one of my mason jars. Some of my friends like theirs with a little more espresso or a little more milk, so you can easily play with the ingredients and make your coffee to taste. If you're a bit of a sweet tooth and like your coffees with sugar, you can easily add some to taste before blending or as I like to do for my sweetest friends: add a bit of caramel or vanilla syrup! I love  love love Illy's coffee syrups, but Monin is a slightly more affordable brand that I currently have in the house.


- Espresso maker (I used a medium size Bialetti)
- Blender (I used a Kitchen Aid)*

Ingredients (for one large latte)

- 3-4 ice cubes frozen espresso
- 200ml cold milk (regular, or soy is really good too!)
- Sugar or coffee syrup to taste


Pour everything in your blender and first pulse then blend until combined. I strongly advise pulsing a few times before turning your blender full-on. This way the frozen ice cubes are less likely to bend or break the blades of your blender. Don't blend for to long to keep the drink nice and cool. Pour into a glass, kick back and enjoy!

Don't have a blender? No worries! Simply put a few ice cubes in a tall glass ad pour the milk on top. The ice cubes will start to melt and you'll end up with a cold latte too, albeit a little less "fluffy". It'll still be tasty!

May 16, 2016

#GOINGDUTCH: Domburg InstaDiary

When my parents bought a caravan in The Netherlands two years ago I started a small blog series about the Zeeland region. After Middelburg, Yerseke and Veere it was time to explore Domburg this weekend. The weather had been really nice up until the day my mom, youngest sister and I left for our short getaway. No clouds or wind could stop us - something about pancakes for lunch - and we went for a walk around town and on the beach anyway. I left my camera at home and instead took an Instagram-like picture of every little thing we did. The result? An InstaDiary of our day in Domburg!

May 12, 2016

Under the blooming trees

Among the bluebells, under the blooming trees, ... . It should be clear by now that I am not the most creative blogger when it comes to my post titles. I do however believe that my locations have been rather on point lately, haha.

May 9, 2016

Fitflop F-pop leather oxford shoes

A while ago I was introduced to the lovely PR team from FitFlop Benelux during an speed dating event for bloggers. If you don't know what FitFlop is then you must have been living under a rock for the past decade. Launched in 2006, the brand has been known for ergonomic and ultra-comfortable designs that support your feet fully. My mother-in-law is a mega-fan and even my boyfriend owns a pair of their magical slides, but I must be honest and admit that the classic 'sporty-gorgeous' slides never spoke to me. Not in any way even.

May 5, 2016

Caudalie Vinosource hydrating skincare

With Vinosource Caudalie launches a new line of soothing, hydrating & plant-based skincare powered by the grape. The line promises beautifully hydrated skin and dreamy sensations, while being easy to introduce into your current beauty routine. With summer fast approaching and the cold winter leaving, my skin could really use a boost in hydration so when I was invited to the Belgian launch of the Vinosource line I happily said YES!

I've been familiar with Caudalie as I have very sensitive skin and therefor prefer using pharmacy brands over what you find in the high street beauty stores. The Vinosource line fits me perfectly as the products are almost all-natural and very soothing. After the launch event I was suprised with a package to try the new line at home and maybe write down my findings in a blog post. I have to be honest and tell you that I haven't tried every product (yet), but was very, very happy with the effects of what I got to test so far. Read on for more!

PS: I cannot get over how beautiful the packaging of this line is. 

May 2, 2016

Apartment update: Living room tour

It's been 10 months since we moved into our first apartment and finally I have a post ready with our finished living room! I'm a little lost for words at the moment as I've just written all the text below (yup, it's another long one!) and two application letters for different jobs I'm eyeing, so I'll let the pictures do the talking for me! Enjoy!