February 8, 2016

The Instagram Tag

It's been over a month since I was tagged for the Instagram tag, but I thought it'd still be fun to share my instant favorites on the blog today!

What was your last picture of 2015?
We were on our way to friends in East-Flanders when the sun was setting on December 31st. I had my new Black Eye wide angle phone lens with me and just had to snap a picture!

February 1, 2016

The elements

Look who's here. I took an unintended month-long break from The Ginger Diaries, but I come back bearing good news. I graduated! I remember the post I wrote about my first day at uni like I wrote it only moments ago. The past 2,5 years have flown by. How sad I felt after my first day (I didn't have any friends and felt completely out of place at that time), I'm much more sad now knowing how amazing these last few years have been. I met so many people, who I'll be seeing much less, and also living in the city was a great experience to have. I've got my masters in my pocket and have hit the job market. Sadly, I don't have any news about that yet, so keep crossing those fingers for me! The Ginger Diaries also turned 7 in January! If my blog were human it could start writing itself by now. You are now fully caught up with what's been going on in my life, so let's move on to the OOTD.

January 11, 2016


Let's kick off the new year with a laid-back attitude. After days of dressing up for family occasions, I thought I'd go for relaxed looks. Besides, There's no need to wear skinny jeans and a nice top, when I'm spending 90% of my days behind my computer filling out job applications. The other 10% is spent watching Netflix's "Making A Murder". I don't think I've ever had more WTF-moments in one hour before. Also: The Pretty Little Liars waiting game has started and I've been avoiding all social media because of a high spoiler alert. One more week before Netflix catches up, one more week until I find out who the F (or A?) is coming. 

December 28, 2015

The Classics

The gifts are unwrapped, the family dinners eaten and the gourmet set has been dusted off for Thursday night. Everything feels like winter, the only thing missing is the cold. It's been unusually warm (like in many places) so when we went for a walk after Christmas I was perfectly fine in a blazer and my converse sneakers (without socks!). I switched the sneakers for my trusty black heels before we went out for a coffee and to shoot my outfit. It's one I planned to share months ago already, but never thought I'd be able to still get on the blog in two fifteen. I've heard that Winter is finally coming and I'm looking forward to wearing the new hat I got for Christmas.

This is the last outfit I have for this year, and might also be the last post I write. I currently plan on having a 'Goodbye 2015' post up on Thursday, but I'm not sure I'll be able to write it since I still have a bit of work on my thesis (mainly checking for mistakes, easy readability and sentence construction) before I can get it printed next week. Exciting times, exciting times. But for now, outfit. And leftover Christmas cookies. 

December 17, 2015

The Weinachtsmarkt in Monschau

The German Christmas markets (or weinachtsmarkten) are my favorite. Every year we try to visit a German town around Christmas to do a little shopping and enjoy the Holiday cheer. You can read about my visits to Düsseldorf here and here. This year we went to Monschau for the first time with friends and I've taken a few photos to share with you!

December 14, 2015

Caramel Camel

For years and years I've worn a grey coat in the winter. When my last one lost its final button and I could no longer postpone shopping for a new one, I decided to look for something different. Navy coats turned out to be quite hard to find. And since I wear a lot of black these days, a black coat would have been too boring. After aimlessly walking through every high-street store I decided to go for camel. The it-color of the past few Winters is still going strong anno 2015. At first I wasn't sure how the color would play out with my ginger hair, but after trying on a few different shades I knew I could make it work. I eventually found my perfect match at Benneton, which was having a 30% sale on coats and sweaters. I used to money I saved on my coat to shop for a new scarf. My old green-burgundy plaid scarf matches the camel color, but after working so hard on my thesis I thought I deserved a little extra. My new scarf from Zara, with a subtle leopard print, is the perfect partner in warmth for my new coat!   

December 11, 2015

Putting up our Christmas tree

Part of moving in with my boyfriend means that this year we got to buy and decorate our very first Christmas tree! We both really love the coziness that comes with the Holidays, so you can probably imagine how excited we were to get started! The goal? A sparkly, but subtle Christmas tree in warm tones. I think we've succeeded!