November 26, 2015

Holiday Gift Shopping: My 3 Favorite Stores in Brussels

When I was young, I never came to Brussels. It was almost an illusive city, our capital. In my experience as a child, Brussels seemed half a world away. We went to the museum of Natural Science with school a few times, and the first time I visited the city center (that I remember), was when I was in high school. We went with a school bus, I listened to Bowling For Soup on my lime green iPod and somehow I even remember what I wore. It was a special day, my first time in Brussels. Since then, I've visited numerous times and learned to appreciate the city more and more. I still have loads of places to discover and will probably never become as acquainted with the city as locals do, but still I have found a couple of places that have quickly won over my heart. 

In this blog post I'll share three stores that I love and that are perfect for gift shopping. As a bonus I've included the perfect spot to sit down and relax after all your Holiday shopping is done. If you are from Brussels and/or know of any other places that you believe are worth a visit: please, do tell! I hope you enjoy this post!

November 23, 2015

Farewell Fall

The fields are covered in an ice cold white dust. The heat in the bus is on. It came ten minutes late, by the way. My feet freeze as soon as they touch the Roosevelt stones. Maybe All Stars weren't the best choice this morning? I do not have a new winter coat and I've thrown out last years, so I'm covered in ten layers of sweaters. When I walk by my favorite coffee place I'm dying for a hot chocolate and warmth. I can't feel my feet by the time I'm in the library. Winter fell. It's so surreal to see the bare branches, feel the frost, see the first snow.

November 20, 2015

De Goedgemutste Breicampagne van Innocent Smoothies

Vandaag doen we het nog eens in het Nederlands en dat voor het goede doel. Jullie weten misschien wel dat ik een opleiding sociaal werk genoot en hoewel ik verder ging in de sociologie klopt mijn hart voor mensen nog steeds. Toen ik een mailtje ontving over de goedgemutste breicampagne van Innocent Smoothies ten voordele van Welzijnszorg leek het me wel iets om met jullie te delen!

November 18, 2015

The perfect winter basics from Street One

Street one? Not a store most fashionista's include on their quest to shop the hottest key pieces of the season. I must admit that I too thought of the brand as a bit dull and too mature. All of that changed, however, when my search for an affordable Bernadette-style cardigan led me inside their Antwerp shop. After Instagramming my newest wardrobe addition, I also discovered Street One's Instagram feed and learned they had a lot more in store than I ever knew. From fashionable jogging bottoms to a gorgeous beige fall coat, I've been hooked to their collection since a few months and today I would like to share my winter favorites with you! 

01/ Oversized scarf (€39.99) - I have thrown out most of my scarves after the last Winter. They had worn out and it was about time they got replaced. I already found the perfect beige scarf at C&A, but am still hunting for a cool grey one. This one from Street One is extra large, which means I could also use it as a blanket while studying in the library. #scarfgoals.

02/ Structured shirt (€35.99) - Because gingers can never wear enough olive colored things.

03/ Ribbed open-front cardigan (€69.99) - There's something about loose cardigans, and especially waterfall-front cardigans, that I have always liked. They're easy to wear, work well with my dresses and this grey shade pairs beautifully with both my black and tan tall boots. Why on earth haven't I bought one yet!?

04/ Softest cardigan-coat (€50, on sale!) - Warning: don't buy this teddy bear soft coat if you do not like people coming into your personal zone. Everyone will want to touch you! It's so fluffy you might die.

05/ Pleather leggings (€40, on sale!) - Because I've been wanting pleather pants since forever but am too much of a wuss to actually buy and wear a pair. They're badass, which is an attitude I love, but they're also daring which is something I am not enough.

06/ Cable knit roll-neck sweater (€59.99) - This season, I'd like to find the perfect cream-white roll neck sweater, but so far this grey number from Street One was all I could find.

07/ Jersey knee-length pencil skirt (€29.99) - Something about gingers and olive.

08/ Long bouclĂ© blazer (€99.99) - A boyfriend blazer to match the pleather pants. Because if anything adds to my badass-factor, it's blazers. This one is slightly longer, which makes it even more perfect IMHO. 

November 16, 2015

Store Opening: Bodum Flagship store Brussels

Good news for all coffee aficionados out there! After opening flagship stores in Copenhagen and Paris, Danish design brand Bodum has opened up shop in Brussels! The store offers you Bodums entire collection, ranging from coffee cups to kitchen machinery, and a series of notebooks, laptop cases and desk supplies from sister brand Ordning&Reda. It is pleasantly cozy in the adjoining Scandinavian-style French Press Cafe, where you can taste Bodums own coffee blends and enjoy the Scandinavian cuisine. You can find the store on the Avenue de Toison d'Or, right next to the Zara flagship and my very much beloved Marks & Spencer.

Last week the opening of the flagship store was celebrated with press and bloggers. Since I have brought my love for coffee to the blog a few weeks ago, I thought it would be lovely to show you around the store and share a bit about our evening in Brussels. Enjoy!

November 11, 2015

Fall Casual: The Little Black Dress (LBD)

I bought this dress in Koblenz, only weeks after promising my mom that I would stop buying black clothes. I was 18 and had no idea what else to wear but black! I remember my mom got mad at me for spending money on another black dress, but years later it turns out those were the best €50 I ever spend. In the last 3,5 years, I wore this Zara dress at least once a month. During the winter times, it comes out to play on a weekly basis. My friends in uni will agree: this dress gets a lot of wear!

November 2, 2015

On knitwear and joining the Nike force

This outfit contains two things I would never have worn before 2015: a plain knit sweater and trainers. But things change.

I shared a picture of my & Other Stories shopping bag on Instagram and a few were curious to find out what was inside. This cozy grey sweater! I had a gift card  that I wanted to use for a pair of Chelsea boots, but when I received a press email to inform that the knitwear came in stock, I forgot all about that plan. I went to the store to look for a certain cream white sweater I spotted in the email, but eventually fell in love with this grey number. The sweater is a mix of wool, alpaca and polyester, and is therefor heavenly soft. It feels like the chunky wool sweaters my mom made me wear when I was young, but was to thriftily to buy as a teenager. Because it is so warm, it gives you the instant comforting feeling a cheap H&M sweater would never give. To wear this, in front of a fireplace and with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow toppings. YES. And the smell. You guys, the smell of real wool sweaters. I can't get enough.