October 8, 2015

Last Years Favorites

Alas, no new sweatpants and also not revealing what was in the Street One shopping bag I showed off on Instagram yesterday. Today, I have an outfit featuring fall favorites from the past.

October 5, 2015

Monday Blues

A steaming cup of coffee, a soft drizzle outside and these pictures to edit. This blog post is the first one that really makes me feel like I am bringing fall to the blog. We stumbled upon this location by chance this morning. We had to run a few errands in the city and found this abundance of color near the parking lot. I loved it aaaand apparently was toting my camera around. Two times lucky, but since we didn't have much time I had to sacrifice the vanilla latte I had just gotten. Much like color there were blogger problems in abundance, because when I was going through the photos I noticed the wooden stir stick was still in my pocket. But you can't spot it, can you?

September 30, 2015

Bedroom decoration

With a boyfriend who is quite pleased with the way the apartment looks right now, I have taken it upon me to really get space decorated. The home office/dressing room was a no-brainer and we decided pretty quickly on how we wanted to decorate our living room as well (still a plan in progress though), but the bedroom? No. The bedroom still is just a big room with not much more than a bed. We don't even have light up in there. Now that we've been living here for a few months and have got most of the bigger expenses out of the way, we have a new budget to really give things a "home" feeling. Here's what I'm thinking for the bedroom! 

01 / Nymö lamp from Ikea - Hanging central in the room, this lamp would be the eye catcher. We already have it, we just need to hang it. And that my friends, is more challenging than it would seem.
02/ Round mirror from Xenos - I spotted a round lamp with rope at Leen Bakker, but at €44.95 that one was over the budget. This one with a leather strap from Xenos comes at a much friendlier €25 and would be just as perfect!
03/ Panama table lamp from Marks & Spencer - M&S is not shipping these to Belgium, so we will have to continue our search for the perfect bedside lamps, but boy oh boy are these the ones I've been looking for!
04/ Glass box from H&M Home - I've been loving glass shade boxes for a while and this copper one from H&M would be perfectly complimentary with the rest of the room. I'm thinking about using it to display small trinkets that we have lying all around right now.
05/ MALM chest of 4 drawers from Ikea - We have the MALM night stands and I would love to compliment them with the MALM chests of 3 and 4 drawers. They'd give us enough space to store our bed linnen and a lot of the little bits and things that currently don't have a place (books, souvenirs, CDs, ... ).
06/ Jaquard woven floor mat from H&M Home - I simply love the pattern on this! It would match greatly with our wooden flooring and is minimal, yet give the room that extra touch.

September 28, 2015

Oppa Gingham Style!

You guys remember The Daybook right? No? Well. She was it when I rolled into the style blogging scene and she wore her gingham shirts like no other. Thanks to her I had been wanting a checked style shirt and I finally found one last fall. I went on a blog hiatus and I never got to share my favorite gingham outfits on the blog. But voilĂ , here we are! The first outfit of what will probably be a few featuring one of last fall's favorite pieces.

September 25, 2015

Jardin de Luxembourg in the fall

It has been almost a year since I last went to Paris. A whole year. These last 365 days have gone by faster than any time in my life and it doesn't feel like time is slowing down. I never got around to post about all about our trip to Paris. Things happened shortly after and I disappeared from my blog for a while. I'm still not fully back into my old blogging routine, but now that fall is here again it feels right to share the photos I have been wanting to share since last October.

It was unexpectedly warm when we were in France. It's not often that you get 30°C on an October 18th in Europe. We had just visited Le Bon Marche when I discovered that the Jardin de Luxembourg wasn't far off. On our way over we stopped at a bakery to pick up lunch. I remember that we got lost a little afterwards. When we finally got there the park was jam-packed with people. K found himself a set of those famous green metal chairs and DIYed a sunbed, while I went out exploring the park. As you know, I can truly enjoy myself walking around gardens and parks, getting all snappy happy with my camera. There were palm trees and flowers, but also golden yellow chestnut trees and thousands of fallen leaves. The contrast between the castle gardens and the surrounding park couldn't be bigger. The park itself was immensely beautiful. Children were playing with boats in the fountains in front of the castle, people were napping on benches and there was a bridal shoot going in a corner. Just thinking back to my afternoon in Jadin de Luxembourg makes me wish we could go back to Paris. Alas, K has taken up all his leave for this year and I am spending my days looking for a job and finishing up my thesis. Not quiet as fancy. Luckily, I have pictures to dream away by. Enjoy!

September 23, 2015

Currently coveting: Pretty comfort

01/ Blouse from Broadway Fashion via Zeb - I worked my summer job at Zeb this year and have been pretty good at keeping my money in the bank. Until I unpacked this beauty the other day. The color is a liiiittle difficult for someone as pale as me, but maybe with some burgundy touches I can pull it off?
02/ Sweatpants from H&M - I don't own sweatpants. I know. Am I human? It might also be a little strange to buy sweatpants after I graduate and have to join the work force. But still: WANT.
03/ White sneakers from HM - These white sneakers are not just something that I want. I am convinced that I need them. My Converse and my Sperry's have sparked my inner flat-shoe collector and I ain't stopping. These would be perfect for those last days in uni. For any day, really.
04/ Quick & Go nailpolish from Hema  - I have no patience and I definitely don't have the patience to do my nails. These quick & go nail polishes from Hema promise to meet me in my impatient nature. Must try this at home!
05/ Collins from Michael Kors via De Bijenkorf - Yes, I already own a Michael Kors. No, one is not enough. Just kidding, I have to be careful with my budget (because jobless and household), but if I was able to spend a little extra, the MK Collins in this blush shade would be my first choice. It's so pretty.
06/ Roll neck sweater from Only - The cardigan vests are everywhere this fall, but I already have a few of those that can still last me through this season. And I am seriously lacking in the cozy sweater department. You can never go wrong with a classic roll neck sweater, and with the splits on the side, this one is sooooo 2015. For a friendly €40, this one will probably end up in my closet along with the white sneakers. 

September 21, 2015

The cardigan coat

For those of you who haven't seen a calendar today nor seen their Instagram feed: it's the first day of fall! Not that you notice it much when your outside. The air is a little crispier, there's some rain here and there, but overall the grasses are still green and the sun is still shining pretty much. But even though the last bit of summer is lingering on us, I felt like dressing for fall when we went on a short walk this weekend.