May 4, 2011

How to become me in 20 steps

There was this question in class yesterday, to think about who you really are. If you have any special things, tics or habits. Well I thought It would be a fun post to give you a 20-step programme to become, well... me! It has become more of a '20 things about me' post. But I think these things make me to who I am.

Me and our family dog ^^

1. Dye your hair in a ginger colour
2. Get freckles!
3. When you are bored, search your hair for dead ends, I do this aaaaaall the time.
4. Eat a banana when you arrive at school.
4. I listen to my iPod everyday. I feel a little sad when I can't listen to my music.
5. Wear contacts all year and then wear glasses for a day and make eveyone go like: oooooooooh, since when do you wear glasses?
6. Set your alarm 15 minutes before you actually have to get up, just so you could turn around one more time
7. Ask for Pasoa without the Pasoa, so you just get the fruit juice.
8. Have a travel bug that itches you every summer
9. Only eat sour apples
10. Put cookies in your pudding
11. Flash your buspass like your from the FBI
12. Collect things with birds on them
13. Have a million things in your closet that don't match with anything
14. Have your drivers theory license for over a year without practicing your drivingskills
15. Be a super clean-up freak!
16. Get extrelmely nervous when you have to answer in class
17. When in love, act the opposite
18. Create things like 'Brownie-cheesecake with raspberry whipcream topping'
19. Give names to all the regular people on the bus like 'the guy with his picnikplaidshirt'
20. Start a blog and do silly posts about yourself.

What things make you to who your are?
I'd love to hear about it ^^


  1. hihi, great minds think alike ;) we hebben héél veel gelijkenissen haha :D

  2. hahha im glad i know this now.... expect a clone soon ;) x

  3. Haha bij sommigen dacht ik echt 'Hey dat doe ik ook !'
    Bij mij zou er zeker en vast bij moeten staan:
    'Freak out way to much about school, irritate everyone with it & then realise it's all going to be fine'
    'Go windowshopping on the internet, find the most amazing things & then realise you don't have a mastercard or visa' :D

  4. Leuk om te lezen :D
    Mooie outfit ook in je vorige post x

  5. Waat :o dat zou voor mij echt een marteling zijn als ik wist dat mijn ouders visa hadden :D
    Wel idd goed voor je geldbuidel :p

  6. uh i love your new layout! Great post...

  7. I wish i was more like you and a super clean freak!...i need lessons :)

  8. Aww! I have a puppy just like that! :)

  9. I've got number 1 and 2 down pat! You're adorable hun, thanks for sharing this cute! Happy Wednesday sweets!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. hehe this is such a cute post! love this idea :)

  11. Haha, great post! :D Well, one of my things are freckles as well, hehe ^_^

  12. You're so silly :) And this list makes me happy. Makes me sad that I don't need/have a bus pass anymore. And, just random, but have you seen the show Portlandia? Birds are a big thing. Hah.

  13. lovely blog dear
    following you, do follow me back

  14. hi! thanks for the comment, i got those yellow earrings from forever 21! such a great find :)

  15. What an adorable little pup! love the blog :)

  16. This was so fun to read!! Cute :D

  17. sweet dog :D


  18. :) I like this... thinking about doing this myself. i think it also help you learn more about yourself. thanks for sharing :)

  19. I also had my driving permit for quite sometime before I actually practiced driving! Loved reading all of these! xx

  20. i used to get nervous when i answered questions in class too ;)

  21. This is the cutest post! And I have MAJOR OCD when it comes to looking for AND cutting off my split ends. Everyone always laughs at me, but at least I know I have a few less dead ends than before! ;)

  22. Oh me geez! The FBI thing cracked me up...and I am so in your boat about the contact thing...I've had glasses for almost ten years thankyouverymuch!

  23. Haha, ik had echt een paar 'ej, dat ben ik!'-momentjes!

    en 'searching my hair for dead ends' is echt mijn hobby ;)

  24. I love this - I ALWAYS check my hair for split ends and it really annoys me when I find them! Ha. I love your blog, such pretty colours and a lovely layout x

    Just a Thought

  25. hi dear...
    look my post at
    what do you think?

  26. ahh, i missed this post before! it's amazing. #11 made me lol. and i can totally relate to 13 and 15!! (: and 4. i just really loved reading this (:

  27. deze post is zo grappig! Dit is echt een perfectebeschrijving van jou!

  28. oh god! i think im kind of a second nikki!! :P

  29. So this post is a year old, I know. But it totally made my day today.