September 8, 2011

Guestpost: Tongue Tied In Awe

Hello lovlies! I am honored to be spending some time with you today while Nikki is out exploring this big world. She is has such a sweet spirit, and I love chatting with her. I wish she lived closer so we could actually meet! Maybe one day I'll make the trip over :) I am here today to show you what I love most about Fall - fashion wise that is. Where I go to school, Fall is unbearably cold. You definitely have to bundle up which means it's a great time to pull out those cozy sweaters, thick socks, and big jackets. Truthfully, I am a Summer girl at heart, but Fall is a close second, giving the option of layering and mismatching clothes to your hearts desire.

Fall needs to get here fast, don't you agree? I simply cannot wait any longer! Thanks again to Nikki for having me. Hope you all have a wonderful day! xo, Danielle, Tongue Tied in Awe


  1. ohhh that sweater!!! that scarf!! i so love it =)


  2. Oh this is making me so excited for cooler weather!!

  3. I'm not able to see the photos here, but I love the sweater :) xo

  4. That sweater is amazing! Love it!

    Annah xx