January 20, 2012

Busy bee Nikki

Hi there! Just another quick update today. Life has been a little hectic the past two weeks. I had a dozen or so deadlines this week and I kinda got behind on all of those papers. Yesterday I spend 7 hours in the library to finish them all in time. I handed in the last paper for the semester today! What a relief.
On Monday I have my first exam: Methodical Dialogue. A course that learns us all the steps you need to go through when you are helping someone with a psychological-social problem. It's something that becomes a second nature for a social worker after some time and so I don't really have to study a lot.

If the weather wants to co-operate, I'll be back on sunday with a new photo post!
*Pinky promise*

XO Nikki


  1. hectic life, uuuh , it´s same here! :(

  2. Veel succes met je examens hihi

    xoxo, Laura

  3. I'm glad it sounds like you survived and we look forward to seeing you again when you have time! (Like there's ever time, haha.) Until then!

  4. good luck for your exam!!!!!!!!!!
    that sounds horrible to me but i'm sure u're gonna nail it!



  5. The best with your exams Nikki! I remember how hectic exam period was when I was at uni... Very. :)

    We say in Hungary "kalappal" which means "with a hatful", as it's considered bad luck to actually say "good luck". Interesting, huh? :)

  6. Oh my...Medical Discourse EXAM???? It even sounds scary! Good luck with that! =)Kristina J.

  7. Ik vind je nieuwe layout echt heel leuk! xo